Taking into account technical requirements established by legal acts for the customer identification process

and the absence of technical solutions in the market, which meet these requirements, we created Mark ID – a completely new and universal tool in the Lithuanian market. After integration Mark ID to the inner business processes, remote identification of customers will become fast, safe and convenient, and will meet the requirements established by legal acts. The customer identification will be performed via three simple steps:

  • First
    forward a person for identification
  • Second
    Mark ID captures photos of the face and the personal identification document, performs facial recognition and comparison, forms the report
  • Third
    you receive personal identification results
Benefits we offer

Quality and reliability

Mark ID - FinTech company which providing identity verification solution. Our team consists of highly-qualified legal, financial and IT specialists. When providing services, we seek highest quality

Easy integration

You will be able to integrate Mark ID with your internal system easily and without high costs

Flexible payment system

We are digging into each customer’s needs in order to offer the most appropriate service package and price