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Identity verification platform

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About us

Mark ID LTD - FinTech company which providing remotely identity verification services. Taking into account technical requirements established by legal acts for the customer identification process, offers a completely new and universal business tool – an identity verification platform Mark ID

Speed and convenience

Using Mark ID will help you
simplify your business process by identifying customers quickly and conveniently

Safety and security

Mark ID ensures that customer data
are securely stored

Flexibility and easy integration

Mark ID is adapted for WEB, iOS
and Android. As a result, it is adapted for a wider circle of customers, and easy integration with internal business systems will allow you to start using the tool without significant costs


Integration with Mark ID
ensures compliance with requirements established by legal acts for the customer identification process

How does it work?

A financial institution

directs a person for identification to Mark ID

The person logs in

using a device with a camera

Pictures of the face

and a document are made

Face comparison

is performed

Report is sent to

the financial institution

The financial

institution confirms or rejects the identification

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